Inspirational Artists: Victoria Ying and Mike Yamada

Found out about this nicely edited video of husband and wife duo artist Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying. They give good advice for aspiring artists and life lessons from their journey. Youtube Video is in 4K mode.

My Notes from the video Advice for artists:

-Study dont just keep drawing the same thing. Light, Color, Fundamentals, Composition etc. Art is the application of knowledge.

-No Ego divorce yourself from your work, Not be afraid of failure love the process.

-Do your research of your job hunting look beyond the Disney and Dreamworks studios, you can apply your skills in other places like App Games or Graphic Design firms and find your own niche.

-Have a diverse view of the world. Study the world, go read visit museum, this will add more diversity and richness to your art.

-Don’t rush to that big beautiful painting remember your foundation stuff (Perspective, Composition etc.) of what makes a painting great.

-Students don’t be afraid of hearing NO and explore those boundaries and see how far you can go.

-Woking in the studio, work well with others. Art is to serve the vision of the client, Director or Project. Learn to figure out and understand what they want. It takes time to understand.

-Explore and learn new things (Like learning 3D).


“Husband and wife duo, Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying, are both tremendously talented Visual Development artists in Animation. They share some life experiences and give advice for those interested in making art as a career. Their film credits include Disney’s Frozen, Big Hero 6, Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon.

Their design studio at:

Victoria Ying:

Mike Yamada:

Directed by Anthony Vu

Production Assistants
Joseph Vu
Maria Chiu

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