Seth Godin on Vulnerablity and the ABC’s of Creativity

A great interview on creating art and fighting the resistance in our brain to make art. He goes back to Steven Pressfield book on The War on Art.

A Transcribe highlights of the interview can be found here

Some interesting highlights from the interview are covered from Seth’s writings and blog posts and books:

Scarcity drives values old model of doing things. New model is about abundance. We have wider reach thanks to the internet. Making things is it still valuable eg, making a book? If I am making something there must be something experiential. His book captures the experience of hearing your mom reading you a book it is like magic. He stole the feeling and put it in his book. So that he can get to the part of your head that is not afraid and have bravery.

Am I making art or showing up to make a paycheck?

How many people are Artist in Kindergarten; all raise their hands, less in the higher grades and few admit it. What happens to our creativity overtime?

Are we limited by lousy clients? Not its not a problem. Some deal with it by making great art anyway. Accept the fact in the industrialized work we have to use what we are given.

The work is not about being more technically proficient the computer can do that, but to craft something that the client has never seen or feel.

We got to pick clients what you want as well to do good Art.

Should Design Firms stay small? (Or reframed into Are you a freelancer or Entrepreneur?)
Freelancers cannot scale and succeed, unless they kick out their current client and find better clients. You can’t hire more people to do your work.
Entrepreneurs create something that is bigger than himself. You only hire people to do the work.

Design at its core thrives when a human produces work that touches another human being.

Designer will push the envelop father and better than me.

Anxiety: It is experience failure in Advance. Worry is not preparation.

We can’t make the fear go away only dance with it.