The easiest relationship database management system you can learn quickly.

For the longest time my usage of database systems have been limited to simple excel sheets. For more complicated operations you would need Microsoft Access or MySQL. Learning a new programming query language may terrify some.

I recently came across a relatively easy to understand database management system named Airtable.

Things I loved:

I loved how after signing up you are greeted with an interactive tutorial on how Airtable works. The App tries to teach you how to make a simple database through interactive tutorials.

Introduction screen to Airtable.
Introduction screen to Airtable.

Airtable makes sure you understand how relationship databases work.

Airtable comes stocked with templates to get you started.
Airtable comes stocked with templates to get you started.

There are user templates that help the user get setup quickly for different types of projects. 

Things I did not like:

Data displayed in the App is truncated to the first few fields of data you entered. Unlike its web app where you can see a larger set of data for each field.