Realtime messaging pictures and video.

I decided to check out snapchat a real time photo messaging app that has been gaining loads of traction thanks to articles like this. Curious to see how they get users onto their app.

Login screen of Snapchat
Login screen of Snapchat

The Login screen has clear call to action buttons.

So after a sign up page, next is the adding of contacts, snapchat being a social platform it wants to help users create an audience so that users will keep generating content.

After contacts are added Snapchat makes sure users get to know how its app works.

So before we can take photos Snapchat teaches us how to add friend’s snapcode and use the camera functions.

Overall Snapchat does a good job to introduce its platform and functions to new users. However it remains to be seen if content that users put it gets shared and propagate to other networks beyond our own contacts.

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