Mini Update to my GA UX Design Inmersive course

It’s been a tiring 7 weeks that haves passed since we started on 30 May for the UX DI course. Many of us left our jobs to pursue a season of learning. I left 3D graphics to see what is UX all about.

There was excitement and sometimes a loss of understanding of what we were learning. Overall this learning journey is coming to a close for me. Currently we have finished 4 projects, now we are all assigned a client project to aid them in solving their UX problems. 

It feels strange today I hear about classmates making plans for a change life will change for most of us. After this course most would be heading off into another direction. I briefly heard a convo in class, 2 students were pondering their purpose and meaning here on earth. While this course will not answer that now, it is a catalyst that is kic-kstarting some of our careers and bringing new insights into our lives (I hope)

I will miss some of the time spent here learning as I love to learn not just to gain new insights but in educating and understanding different things.

I feel that here at least in SG UX potential is really untapped I think many outside of the field don’t know what is UX and how to gain value from the work we do. It will take time to educate business about UX and even put it in the process right up front before a project starts.

While trends and technology may change, they underlying unseen UX Strategy will play a pivotal role to a ‘product’s’ journey. It may determine a product future success, but not all may see this return immediately.