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General Assembly RETROSPECTIVE Project 5 – UX Design Immersive

SUP is an app that was launched to connect users to activities. How do we make a social app better for its users and the business, and standout in a crowded Social App field.

Our intrepid UX team is ready for launch to tackle the next UX challenge for this app.

Team Members: LeslyEugene LowDeniese ChiaWilliam, Teh Weiqing

My Role & Tools used in this project

  • Conduct user interviews
  • Usability testing
  • User flows
  • Assist with Sketches and Wireframes
  • Assist in creating a Pitch Deck
  • Design Review & Feature Prioritisation
  • Sketch and Marvelapp

Client Interview

We started with a stakeholder interview and received the following requirements.

The Challenge: To make improvements to the existing app for the 2nd version launch.

The main goals for this project are:

  1. Usability testing results for the app
  2. Suggestions for improvement for the current app
  3. Propose ways to acquire new users
  4. Suggest differences between iOS and Android interfaces

Balancing Users Needs and Business Needs

UX is employed here to see how we ca help connect the user goals to business goals.

Approach the Double Diamond Process

We start the approach with the Double Diamond Process:

User Interviews

We started looking for users to interview based on the criteria of their age range from 18–35. and whether they use social apps such as Facebook or Whatsapp.

Affinity Mapping & Synthesising results

From the user interviews and we synthesis the interviews and sum up the findings into the table below.


We create 3 personas based off the the interviews results so that we can design for the user in mind.

Our 3 Personas

Heuristic Evaluation for Current App

We counducted our own Heuristic Evaluations of the App based on Jakob Nielson Heuristics and discovered it had violated a few of the rules.

Usability Testing for the current app

We conducted a series of usabiity test with he current application to see what gaps exist.

Finding from the Usability Tests and Interview:

People wanted control who they sent the invites to.

Conclusion from Heuristic and Usability Testing

“The Heuristic Evaluation results overlapped the Usability Test results”

Suggestions and Recommendations (Short Term)

The following slides show some of the recommendations for the short term. We broke up the process to send an invite and made sure the the user has control over who they send and invite to.

Link to Short Term Recommendation Prototype:

How to reinvent the app to stand out in the social space?

Based on the usability testing of the current app, interviews and short term recommendations we iterated our initial designs and did more usability testing.

Finding the Unique Selling Point of the APP

We found from users interviews, the “”Find Friends” function was not evident to users. There were two flows emerged that the users want to use the app for.

  1. Finding Friends and invite them for Activities
  2. Find Activities and Invite Friends

The reason users can figure out the values of the app is the current App’s userflows rather confusing to find friends or activities.

Current User Flow

Improving the Userflows

A new user flow for the App

Iterations on the Design

Onboarding Users to the App and asking Permissions

Initially in our design we wanted to grab all the User permissions and location after sign up but we found that if we broke up the flow and ask the questions in context of the tasks the user were trying to complete they complied with giving Permissions and locations.

Making the Profile Section more streamline to fill up.

Here we ask the user for permissions to get their location while on the map view. This when done in context of the user wanting to complete a task or in realtion to the correct screen users were willing to allow permissions.

Getting Contacts Permissions & Notifications

How we further Improved the App

We added a credit card filter so that users are able to find the best deals for their credit cards this is done when users are selecting an activity.

The Final Design for the Credit Card Promotion filter after iterations with users.

We added a map funtion to the Event / Restaurant Detail page so that uers can know how far they are from the activity when they plan to invite their friends.

Final Prototype

Our Link to the Final Prototype:


Lessons Learnt

Overall this was an interesting project where we have to balance the User and business needs of the app. I learnt a lot by doing usability testing and research and iterating the designs so that we can make a prodcut better for users.

Content List:

  • Intro
  • Client Meeting
  • Balance Users and Business needs
  • Approach We took. (Double Diamond, Process)
  • User Interviews (Find the behaviors of Users using social apps, Give Quotes here “I Don’t Want!”)
  • Heuristic Evaluations & User Test of the App (Overlap of Problems)
  • Suggestions and Recommendations (Short Term)
  • Userflows
  • Iterations to the Design
  • How we further Improved the App
  • Final Solution

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