Rustboy Where is he now?

Not sure if anyone remembers Rustboy started around 2001, an indie animated short film concept by Brian Taylor that was never finished. But this little short film inspired me and many others to pursue animation and CG (Computer Graphics). I loved the little teasers and artworks.

Its 2016 nothing really happened and the site went down. Its a bummer that it got cancelled read online it was suppose to be a Film.

What can I learn from this is to Ship stuff even in its ugly form.

As Lesean Thomas says it’s better to ship something bad than to never ship at all.

“You have to finish things, and no one is going to teach you that. What you end up with is a bunch of sketches that don’t mean anything. You may get a few likes, a thousand likes, a million likes, but what do you have that will get those people to come back? So you have to finish stuff, even if it sucks. It’s more important to have the discipline and aptitude to finish something than it is to be talented and never be able to finish anything, because you’ll always be able to get better while finishing something.”

Who knows if Rustboy will make a comeback again.

And a final quote from Lutonaut blog:

Anyway, it’s just another reminder that the ugliest project that makes it to market is prettier then the prettiest project that doesn’t. Complete your work and the world toasts you for it; Let it slink away into the shadows of vaporware and you eventually become just another forgotten footnote consumed by the Internet. Lesson learned.”

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