Why still own a Blog in an age of social media

Is running your own blog or site still relevant with the rise of platforms?

With the rise of social media, medium and other platforms to put your content out there and get seen,  I wonder is it worth it to keep a personal website in 2016? I have seen some popular blogs move over to medium publications as of late and their results have been quite good. But there is a feeling I rather have my own little personal space on the web.

Signal to Noise 

One disadvantage is the Noise on these platforms. How can I get through all the noise on these platforms?

I want to get the Web visitor to come here and not get distracted with other content and ads. I do post on medium and know some have read through my blog posts. But I like the idea of having my own little corner on the web with out distractions and they can view my content here.

Setting up a Custom Blog is easier now

Now of course you don’t need to do a full stack WordPress with custom servers install something like a Tumblr or wordpress.com or Squarespace will be enough to start. You do have to put in some work to customize it but its not full coding. And there are now many tutorials and help you can get to get you started.

I can Monetize or sell my Content

If you intent to monetize your content you can do so I am not sure about these platforms terms and conditions which can change in the future. I do not have to worry if I am violating anything or hit a certain critical subscriber base to start with.

My Site lives on (Sort of)

My site will live on As long I can keep the blog running, we will never know when these social sites might be bought over like Tumblr or Flickr and things may change or just cease to exist.