Internet monoculture

I have been reading a bit to follow up on my previous blog post on Why still own a blog.

The Internet has brought out change, a chance for a voice to be heard and influence a culture, but that openess seems to be going away, the variety and interesting connections of ides seem to be less with the rise of mono platforms.

I always pondered on variety and permanance. Matt Mullenweg has called for saving the open web seeing the rise of platforms like Medium and Facebook where there is a concentration of ideas there but the writers don’t own the content.

Yancey Strickler also talked about bringing in more diversity to the internet tather than mostly its just the same ole homogeneous stiff with every new product just chasing money so as to be a success rather that seeing through with the original creators idealistic values.

So coming back to writing on your own domain, I guess its harder to build an audience now with all these platforms and its promise of someone noticing, but in a longer run we may see interesting products or content stem from our ideals and values.


Yancey Strickler Resist and Thrive:

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