Design Education – Bricklayer or Art Director

As a Designer myself, reading Motionographer  this interview it struck a chord with me. Its a comparison of a Technical Specialist vs a Director Type role.

The Value of Production is Going down.

Motionographer reports Chris Do bringing up a controversial topic in design education, he had an interesting interview with two Art Center Teachers about design education. In that interview he poses the question if a student hires someone to do the work he is suited for an Art Director role.

With the cost of production of video or design making going down due to globalisation. How does a designer solve for business strategy? What a designer coming out of school lack now is how to translate the use of colour theory and talk in business terms to solve business problems. This is something that I faced too early in my career I was just a graphics guy.

How much are you worth for your Time?

One other interesting thing in the discussion they talks about the differences between a technical person vs a director in term of how they value time. He cites one student who paid someone to do his photoshop work for a class, as a person who is more suited for a Art Director role. This person values his time to solve creative problems for the brief rather than work on his technical photoshop weaknesses.

I have seen this too myself that if you value your time you will have to give the making portion of the process over to someone else and focus more on the creation strategy for the brief or business.

Are you a Generalist or Specialist?

I feel that myself I am average in my technical skills. It seems that this brings up if you want to be a Specialist maker or a Generalist that can gather resources (Talent) to make art. I would say I am more a generalist rather than a specialist. So I definitely feel that there is a difference between a maker and an art director. What are you trying to solve? I see no difference in tackling a creative brief or making art whether solo or in a team.

Add more value than just Design

It is interesting that this is a debate coming up now though a bit late in seeing this video. I feel the world has changed. Making stuff is so cheap now it can’t cover the cost of living being a designer unless you move to a low cost country.

What do You value? Are we solving business strategy or just being an Artist?

As an Art Director there is more soft skills needed than just being good at photoshop.

It this day and age designers need to transition from makers to Entrepreneurs.