Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Photo image from Google Images.
Photo image from Google Images.

Starting new blog series about books that have helped me or I find interesting.

One book I read back when I graduated that helped me change my perspective of work, was Daniel Pink’s Adventures of Johnny Bunko this was around circa 2009. It is a short and easily readable book since it is in a comic form, which was a popular medium back then. I do wish I read it earlier in University and not after I graduated and was trying to figure out life.

In the book you will be brought through 5 ideas for career and life through the character Johnny, and it will leave an impression for you to think through for your career.

One of the lessons that stood out is to think strengths not weaknesses. Which led me to Tom Raith Strengthsfinder book and Assessment later on.

Do take a read through it some the lessons are still applicable today as it was back then in 2009.

Get the book here:

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