New year Resolutions 2017? Think in Themes Instead.

Thinking in themes instead of Goals.

Something I have been thinking for a while, I want to try this year instead of setting goals it to go with themes based on the goals. 

Why Themes instead of goals?

On Soctt Adams blog, he has written about goals being useless. I myself have experienced this, setting a weight loss goal to lose 10 KG might not be practical. After a first month of trying it does not sustain. The article continues to setup a system instead which substitute your willpower with knowledge.

Themes are Open ended.

Back to themes, why it may be better to start thinking that way for your goals. Setting a theme maybe more effective. Themes allows open ended paths you can take. It allows course redirection if things don’t work out. Yet overall you know you are still heading in the direction. As long as we are moving in the direction we will meet with that big audacious goal at the end.

But Goals are still good

It’s a result that you want to achieve, it is a target that is measurable.

Goals give us the the end result we want to achieve. So by paring a Theme with a goal you can see if the path you are taking will reach eventually.

Lets set some themes

January is almost over. Lets make it a good year by thinking about themes and goals together and finding the right path for yourself. Allow course redirection when needed if it does not work out.

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