It’s all about the content? But Content is hard.

“Making films is easy what to make films about is hard” – George Lucas

“Its more important to learn what to make movies about than how to make movies” – J.J. Abrams

Content is Hard

The two quotes were from filmmakers that made successful films, what does it have to do with content or writing or making visuals? Content is more so important than the visuals.

I remembered a time when I was researching about making movies, I have had made a couple of short movies or motion videos, and I was so focused on Techniques, Camera moves, Color-Correction software, Graphics creation that I forgot that its the “Content” or message that was going to be transmitted should take more importance than Design or Interaction or Moving Images.

Water in a Jug

A Framework for thinking about a Content Framework is “Water” that goes into the “Jug” (Think of it as a vessel where our content gets distributed). The “Water” or Content is what you put into the “Vessel”. But if the water does not taste good it does not matter if it came presented in the most expensive case.

In the CUBI UX Model, content is just as important or more so than just interaction, design or business models. We can have the best looking site, but if the content does not resonate with the audience they might not stay or click on the sign up button.

This is a lesson that took me a long time (like 2 years) to learn. It was not apparent at first but I am beginning to see it now, that the development of content if done well the rest of the other parts can flow easily.

Create for Humans

So back to making films, a badly shot movie with good Content has a higher change to resonate with an audience than a perfectly technical executed one. Thus like the quotes the filmmakers said, Creating content is hard. It is easier to write or make for a machine, harder to communicate to another human being. Even I am still learning that, at the end of the day it needs to resonate with your audience.

So when making content for humans, some clues are already left behind by others. If we look at those famous blogs or YouTube videos the creator is always speaking in His “Own Voice” trying to make connection. It takes a while, but in a longer run when we discover our own voice and become ourselves we can make a better connection through our content.

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