A Movie is content marketing

Video is just another tool for market research.

I have been recently exploring Inbound and content marketing and it seems to be more effective in gaining attention content marketing is a better solution, than just blasting ads in boxes on the side or at the bottom.

Most ads of the past look like this:



Ads like those above have littered the web by creating clickable headlines so you will be forced to see them and click on their Big Red Buttons. But it does not necessary converts users to buy and it annoys every time you see it that you want to install an Ad-Blocker.

When a Movie becomes content marketing

So how does making a movie or documentary help sell a product or service?

To put it simply:

Movies are market research and advertising tools.

Marvel did this with their slew of long movie franchises which help they sell the toys and merchandise. But these pieces of content are not direct ads.

Now Companies released that with lower cost of production cameras and tools they can make pieces of content using it to create awareness indirectly for their business and gaining trust. Some companies have even gone on to create a full drama series around their products.

With the internet providing everything almost free and a large distribution network, what free content marketing does is by providing valuable information in relation to the company services.

Doing so it builds trust with the audience. It is not a direct hard sell. That way the audience would not be so put off with the hard sell tactic.

Documentaries used as Marketing Pieces

Two companies Music Bed and Invision made long content documentary pieces. While documentaries unlike movies are used to explore subject matters topics it subtly does create awareness of issues and how the product is used.

Music Bed created a documentary, titled MAKE to explore what drives artist, designers muscisans and creative types to make stuff. In turn its a showcase of Music Bed its musicians and muscis soundtrack library.

Invision did a Documentary piece on Designers, titled “Design Disruptors” which explored how design can impact businesses, which in directly promotes the Invision Service.

Applying content marketing with design

So when the companies release these pieces of content digitally, they can get a sense of how many people have watched it and the type of potential customers they are targeting. This helps to gain customers into the product or service just from letting users watch content.

Content marketing has been around for a long time and I do not think it would go away. As a Designer it may be good to think how to incorporate the marketing strategy as part of the design plan of promoting products and services.

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