I am tired of being a graphic designer.

Or being a creative? Maybe you want out maybe you have an itch to make your own thing.

Note: this is just an observation not the rule. It does not reflect the profession of design.

Tired to being an order taker? Doing Freelance? Some see working as a designer, as a Job subservant to a mean boss or client.

I recently was googling about “How to stop being a Graphic Designer” and I found on the top of the search results just that by a designer name James Greig.

I was intrigued that I read on about his complaints and his dealings with depression as he worked as a graphic designer. The post was meant for those that do no want to work serving clients. Nothing wrong with working and helping clients solve their own problems. But some want to scratch their own itch or do something for themselves.

3 Things he writes about: 

Fuck clients, do it for yourself. 

We only have so much time why not use our design skills for our own projects?

Repeat after me: it doesn’t have to be perfect. 

No it does not have to be pixel perfect it can be shoddy. But the catch is to iterate fast not slow. think MVP.

Get your priorities straight. Content is king. Not design.


Some suggestions to do other than Graphic Design:

  • Work at a startup
  • Travel
  • Read about starting a business.

He has an upcoming book about how to stop being a graphic designer and a great newsletter.


However if you still want to be a graphic designer and are 50% happy only read these books.

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