UX Design and Filmmaking

Is the UX design similar to filmmaking?

Traditionally film has always been from a director point of view of a subject matter.

When crafting user stories for UX, I often wondered where terms like persona, customer journey maps, it sounds like they were taking a page off from storytelling in filmmaking? When trying to present the problem in UX, I see a use of storyboards in to describe user problems or solutions in the customer journey map as a form of visual storytelling describing key events.

There may be some overlaps with UX and filmmaking in these areas.

  1. Both Films and UX Design are trying to tell the user a story, through the product.
  2. Both need to have an audience to showcase your final solution.
  3. You gather user requirement and stakeholders requirements and figure out a solution.
  4. There is an iteration and design phase for each medium
  5. Both Processes are trying to communicate to the user

The only place where film and UX Design differ is that once a film is out it is hard to change after the audience reacts to it. Unless you re-shoot a whole scene again.

But with UX there is an chance to iterate based on user findings and feedback.





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