Leaving Medium 


Ok not leaving medium entirely, but getting back to posting here on this blog for a while. I did not feel so good about Medium around early 2017 when Medium had to layoff its design team, as they look for a new business model for their platform.

There has been a change to a subscriber model to let users have the best writing content on the platform. While good it’s bad that only a select few will get the exposure, leaving those niche content types to be less known. No good or bad here, but medium is shaping up to be a platform for a certain type of audience, mainly startups and entrepreneurs and productivity hackers.

There has been articles written, about whether you should blog on the Medium Platform. Its entirely up to the content creators whether they want to cead control to a algorithm, though I love the writing tools over there and the built in audience. There is also no API to allow bots to spam the comments sections.

I decided to take a step back after seeing Filmschool Rejects left medium. I feel that I rather spend time building up content for my own domain and use medium as a distribution channel. I think a text only strategy is not good enough in this day and age, where the attention online is going more visual thanks to videos.

But overall if you are starting out blogging medium is a good place to start and keep a blog without all the hassles.

Some things Like about medium

  • Built in Audience
  • Good writing tools to help you format your article.
  • No API (No automatic posting or liking)

Lessons Learnt.

  • Get your own platform (You do not have to be a host server yourself)
  • You have better control on your platform like wordpress.com or squarespace.

Going forward I am thinking to try making more visual media rather than blogging. But medium has certainly help me to practice writing and getting work out there.

P.S One thing I found interesting is now WordPress.com can import medium posts.

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