Mistika Insight Hero Suite – Free Learning edition

UPDATE: TL;DR at the End of the post

Recently there have been a few of the Post-Production Software Providers starting to give free or lite versions of their apps. We have Lightworks, Davinci Resolve & Fusion and more recently Avid Media Composer First.

Now add to that pile we have Mistika Insight. I just happened to chance upon reading it on Redshark news website.

This is good for students and freelancers like myself who were on other platforms to dip into other color grading and editing systems, to see what is out there and see if this can fit your workflow in the future.

Here is what SGO says about Mistika Ultima

The world’s most advanced Hero Suite, providing editing, VFX, colour grading, text, paint, audio, S3D, full finishing, and more, in a completely scalable, truly interactive, fully real-time, and totally resolution independent post-production system. Such wide-ranging features and capabilities enable Mistika to be used on-set with a laptop, through boutique facilities to large multi-faceted studio workflows, enabling Mistika to redefine the traditional concept of a Hero Suite.” – SGO.ES

First Impressions & Installation

For Mistika Installation was easy and it was a one time activation by email and there is no nagging app helper or extra notifications that installs during your windows startup.

I tried avid media composer free but it installed an Avid App manager similar to Adobe which I do not like that it keeps starting up and there were issues in getting a license from their servers initially.

I gave it a spin and have to say I am impressed, it runs quite well on my old dell 4600 system. Unlike Resolve 14 which was in beta it crashes on launched.

Looking at the UI it feels like Autodesk Flame or Assimilate Scratch. It does not work as easy as Resolve or Avid Media Composer. This is afterall an application for Color DI Work and doing FX Compositing like Green Screen effects.

Getting a small project edited

Doing some FX Work in Mistika.

I downloaded some sample footage of Sony FS cameras and ProRes Footage.

Now looking at This version of SGO Mistika. It does seem overwhelming. It does not work like Premiere or Avid Media Composer.

It has a Project and folder structure you have to follow.

It has effects built in to do some VFX. I like that the effects are node based.

You can do an output of 1080p HD footage with MP4 codecs.

Customers of SGO

Star Wars Force Awaken Finising on SGO Mistika.

Quantum Break editing and finishing a Live Action show for a video game.

I loved the game quantum break and it was interesting to see Mistiaka being used as a post hub to edit the VFX and make the final Edits. The game featured multiple endings and storylines.

“Working on Quantum Break appealed to me straight away because of its technical challenges. I have three Mistikas at LightBender and we use them for a variety of projects, but this was the first time I’ve worked on such a unique gaming project that’s so different from any other. They started shooting in February last year (2015) and it took approximately eight months to deliver the final cut, using Mistika to review VFX and serve as a hub for conforming and versioning.

Quantum Break was interesting because it’s still a product that needs colour grading but built into the whole concept of a video game. This means there isn’t one set story line, the actual story changes multiple times when you start playing the game, so it is imperative I came up with a workflow that we could work effectively across all the different scenarios.”


Training Webinar and Tutorials

I would recommend downloading the manual and looking over some of the Webinairs to understand how Mistika Works. Their Website Forum, Vimeo and Facebook group have some nice videos tutorials.

Links to learn Mistika:


I am impressed with the signup, the software works. No App Cloud Extra things like Avid or Creative Cloud to distract you in starting to use the app.

some other Things to Note about the Free License from Doodlenews

Mistika has largely been the realm of Linux users, but there’s now a free download for both Mac and Windows users. And there appears to be a Virtual Reality suite as well. Since its free, users are kept under the glass ceiling that separates HD and 4K, so you’re limited to 1920 x 1080 MPEG4. Additionally, if you bother to read the SGO End User License Agreement (EULA), you are to agree to make only not for profit video projects, and the license is good for only a year.


  • App is Free that’s a plus
  • Does not seem to crash (So Far)
  • Do need a decent system and Storage to run smoothly
  • 1080P output Which is enough to learn and make a small reel
  • Not for beginners
  • This is more for DI work and Post Production Finishing
  • Can do effects but not sure how much dept it has as compared to Nuke or Fusion
  • Editing is a little different from traditional NLEs (Premiere & Avid)
  • You can only make Non-Commercial Works as part of the License Agreement
  • The Free License is only valid for a year