Podcast: Ep03 First look at Media Composer

I recently recorded a podcast on Anchor talking about my first experience with Media Composer First. Check it out on Anchor. So far Anchor has been interesting I like that its 5 Mins and you can record and publish on your mobile phone.

Anchor Link: https://anchor.fm/williamteh/episodes/c6efbc

A Bit on my review on Media Composer. Some other

Things I like

  • Its the full media composer nothings seems missing.
  • Has Color correction
  • All the effects and filters are there you can do basic comp work.
  • Can publish to YouTube and Vimeo.

The Bad and Negatives

  • You have to do the AVID Way of things. Like AMA linking footage and
  • UI is a bit Clunky and not as streamlined as Premiere or Resolve
  • Coming from a premiere pro user I am so used to throwing any kind of footage into the timeline. Not all Media files work.
  • Only 5 Bins per project
  • 4 Video Tracks and 8 Audio Tracks which is enough.
  • You need to be connected to the internet to start the program using the AVID App manager.

Avid has come a long way to release a free program to let you learn and get started. I wish there were some integration with their Free Pro Tools First so you can dip into making audio effects.