Learn by Doing


How often have we read up on stuff and think we can do it but never take action? Well, recently I have completed a small painting Project. I deceided to learn to paint grayscale to color painting. 

I did this by taking Dwayne Vance sketch of a vehicle and painting over it, taking lessons through a book from How To Render on the techniques used in painting a grayscale image.

For this project I wanted to know 

  • How to make a grayscale image to color.
  • Learn to practice painting in B&W values first.
  • Understand painting basic car reflections and highlights

Here is the process:

  • I planned out the steps needed by looking at others and seeing how they did it.
  • I drew over the sketch drawing to create my line drawing
  • I did a value study referencing images and photographs
  • Using the How To Render technique by Scott Robertson to convert the grayscale to color.
  • I repeated this on a different perspective of the same vehicle I reference again.

Lessons learnt:

You learn only by taking action of the theory you learn in the books or video tutorials.

Take action today it will help solidify your learning even doing a small task of the lessons you are learning.