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Do I have to make Art a Career or Hobby?

Interview with Kunio Okawara from the Sankei Newspaper

I was listening to a podcast where a listener asked should I pursue multiple passions or just focus on one thing? How would I know which Art or Craft is really just a hobby or possibly a career?

To get a Job you have to specialize / focus in a specific craft.

Why is this so?  Its a job they need a specific skill to be filled for the art creation process. The company would need someone with the knowledge and know how to create a specific type of unit for production.

A craftsman mindset is needed as the role probably needs some consistent output for the production of Products.

That does not mean you should not be looking outside the craft to enrich your own skills.


So its a hobby then? How do I know what to pursue?

If you are just interested multiple somethings it is probably a hobby. Hobbies come and change overtime. Its something I would encourage to continue, we get benefits from a hobby such as relaxation or personal enjoyment.

Sometimes exploration of an interest may potentially become a career.

If you see yourself sticking to one hobby or passion and you keep developing it may potentially become a career or job in the future.


Whether you are a creative or hobbyist,  its good to explore. But that I feel should be regulated just a hobby if its not something that you are constantly improving or seeking to find a career out of it.

Getting a Production Art Job is different you have to see the needs of the production or task and skills required, to get the job completed. There may be additional training required to get it to a higher ready skill level.

So Art can be both a career and hobby. Have fun with it