The Shrouded Future of 2D Animation / Anime

Recently Terrence Walker of Studio Art FX held an online workshop webinair to talk about CG Trends and 2D Animation in Japan, know as anime and its future.

Some of the issues faced:

  • Cost is a huge factor with 2D Anime Production increasing over the years
  • Pay for animators Low. How to have a meaningful life or start a family?
  • The Old Veterens are retiring and no young blood coming into the industry to have skills transfers.
  • Production studios do not have a way to make money off the shows as they are licensed IP.

His conclusion is shows like BBK/BRNK that have adopted CG tools to produce 2D Anime Style and look. It started with doing CG Cars and Mechs but it has crossed over into Characters. If we are not doing High End CG realistic Humans, similar to VFX Movies, how hard can it be to replicate a 2D Cel Style Character. It is coming already the work is getting to a point of good enough.

Digital 2D tools are out there now, that can automate in-between or Digital Paperless animation must be adopted as new CG Artist are training on digital tools already instead of paper.

Anime using CG

It all started with Blue Submarine No. 6 making the mechanical submarines and effects in CG composited together with hand drawn 2D Characters.

Digital Anime Workflow

Studio Gonzo on making the Anime Yukikaze

Full CG Anime

Some of the attempts to see if anime style would fit into a CG World.

Sample Renders of BBK/BRNK