Final Fantasy the Spirits Within ahead of its time.


Its an old movie that had story problems but it was a landmark in making CG digital Humans.

I Remembered seeing this as a young student around 2001. Though it was disappointing it did not featured cloud, but it was ahead of its time featuring Fully digital actors and environments. It did prove that you can make a movie fully digitally.

Since then CG humans are so lifelike as explained by Freddie Wong. It got me thinking that its not about the tech and how engaging are the characters and story. I think Final Fantasy Spirits Within is somewhat acceptable level of CG with a weak story plot. it still holds up today, but I think with today’s technology and realtime renders such as Unity, Unreal or RedShift you can make a movie or interactive project.

That is something I want to do someday.

Maya used for this film: From Alias Wavefront

Check out IA Mag for more behind the scene screens.



Freddie Wong does a good take on FFSW around 02:25 timing mark.