Robota – Doug Chiang

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A man with no memory wakes on a world dominated by robot warriors and realizes his memories hold the key to save the dwindling remnants of the human and sentient beast population.

I bought this book when I was about 16 years old. At a time when The Matrix and insect robot designs were so in trend.

I do not remember why I bought it, but it could have been it had a nice cover art, of robots walking in a sand storm. There was something about it that drew me in seeing it sit on the bookshelf at Basheer Graphic.

The author was Orson Scott Card and the Artist was Doug Chiang. I did not know about who Doug Chiang till I realized he designed Star Wars characters and vehicles.

Looking through my book again it seems a shame that it’s not going to be made. There were trailers and some concept art online and they had plans to make a video game out of it.

Recently at THU 2016 he talked about his journey as an Artist and how he did Robota as a passion project. He tried to get it funded through kickstarter but it did not get off the ground despite many news press releases.

Check out THU VOD for more interviews with Doug Chiang on his journey in making this project book.

I do not know if a new generation of young viewers want Robota. Not sure if it can compete with the designs of Overwatch.

Interview with Doug Chiang