Imagi Animation Cancelled projects Zelda, T28, Gatchaman and Cat’s Tale

Updating this a bit in 2021

Cancelled Cat’s Tale by Imagi Animation Studios

Recently I have been looking at cancelled projects to see if I can learn anything from the ideas and how it got generated or started in the first place. Imagi Animation a HK Based studio had quite a few cool projects that were under development that got shutdown. Some were Gatchaman and an Animated Zelda Pitch

Imagi was all the rage back then in the early 2000s (When they were founded) when they did Astro Boy and Tennage Mutan Ninja Tutrtles. There were a lot of Hollywood studios trying to access the China Market so these Tie ups with HK firms were a possible gateway. But sadly with the system I am not so sure if those movies were profitable beyond Asia.

I saw a cancelled beta trailer for a movie Cat’s take it seems to be their studio original IP. Which is the way to go since being a contract vendor prices on jobs keeps going down and they had not have a hit. It’s quite hard since to make product is expensive and the market keeps getting flooded with many movies even in pre YouTube era. It was hard to get things published since there is an established cinema studio system. So generating interest and getting investment was key.

When I think about cancelled projects it makes me want to be like George Lucas who could not get the license for Flash Gordon so he created Star Wars though the journey to get that made was more arduous.

In the end everything is a remix.

Gatcha man cancelled trailer looks like big hero 6 style.

T28 Teaser and animation tests and trailer

Cancelled project Cat’s Tale. This one seems to be an original show by Imagi though not much is developed it looks like it could have potential to appeal to the children’s market.