Animator Journey

Started a New Series on documenting my animator journey at 3DSense on the Anchor Podcast.

I have been enrolled in an Animation and VFX course now specializing in animation.

Previously I was starting out in doing a generalist role for the first term. We did lots of nuke, match moving, Drawing and Zbrush fundamentals plus animation principles and Maya Modelling and substance painter texturing.

Now going into the animation specialist track, I hope to be able to be a better animator and somehow draw lessons to add them back to other areas like design, business or website building with wordpress.

I hope in the near future after the course I could do my own shorts or make products. I think animation can be more than just cartoons. Its really a creative endeavor when you try to make something out of imagination.

speaking of wordpress. It’s also a journey in in itself to Star a blog. I hope to document my journey with Blog Post, Podcast and some live streams of my journey as an Animator.

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