You need a product not a project – Jake Parker

Today I discovered this video by Jake Parker – You Need a Product not a Project e041.

He talks about not making a personal project but making a product something you can hold or see in a digital form. It must be an actual finished thing made.

Why have an end point?

Benefits of turning your Project into a Product:

  1. It gives you purpose to go do the thing and reasons to finish it. It is not playtime or make it as a hobby.
  2. Products with end points will force you to finish, it will get you to organise.
  3. It will train you to finish things. Not worry about Perfection.
  4. Build true self esteem that you have something out in the world, that you have made, don’t worry about perfection.
  5. It will help define you as the guy or gal that made the ‘Product’. (It can be good and bad but it attached finished things / products to the creator)
  6. Its a personal benchmark you are only good as your last project. It can help you improve from the last project. When you can hold it you will know where you are at. You can see your progress.

Notes from the Stream:

Projects/Products open you up to other opportunities.

Start a project you can finish longer than 1 month but less than a year.

Choose a medium that you can control eg. comics need only 1 persons

Do 1 min of animation.

Some things I learn:

Personal projects are key for art or any new endeavour you want to do.

Projects are overused that sometimes it caused me to just fantasise of doing the project without any real outcomes like make a product.

Thinking of a long project but need baby steps to work on stuff.

Would love to attempt to make a toy someday, but right now I am getting started with making my own self hosted wordpress website.

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