E3 2018 trailers Part 2

Continuing with E3 Trailers and from my previous Podcast.

One thing about E3 is Hype and sometimes that can work for you or against you.

The cool thing I find that among all the big budget titles there were some cool indie games or lesser known titles that turned up.



Some Cool Indie Games:

I mentioned Sabel earlier but here is a nice RPG called TUNIC.


View more indie games from E3 here:




CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 hacked the Microsoft conference at the end of the show with their new trailer. A cool marketing trick to introduce a new trailer.

Pretty cool game and it’s cool to see Mike Pondsmith the original creator collaborating. There is also a lot of talk on social media talking about this game.




SEGA Bringing more PC Titles

If you like SEGA Yakuza and Valkyria series they are coming to PC. Its been along time since I played these 2 games since PS2 and PS3 days but gald they are going really multiplatform.





Control Interview with Sam Lake


Sekiro is like Darksouls

More Sekiro trailers and info. This games looks like a modern Tenchu. But it is shaping up to be similar to Darksouls or Bloodborne.



Though Metroid Prime 4 did not make it to this year E3. Some cool games such as Super Smash Brothers, Octopath, Xenoblade 2 and a Mech game that was shown at their Nintendo Direct video. Lastly Overcooked 2 an interesting Indie Switch Game that debut as well.

Death Stranding Interview 2

Lots of fan theories but this game is shaping up well and would love to know more how they plan to have network features if any. Lots of cool gameplay to watch if you love to see lifelike animations.

Spiderman PS4

Always love to have a cool spiderman game and web slinging fantasies.


Lastly if you enjoy PC Gaming here is a cool list of PC games coming alongside the Console releases.



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