Animator Journey 6 – Laika Desiree Ong

This post is part of the Anchor Podcast APG Design Cast: #027 Animator Journey 6 – Laika visit & DVE 1.

We had a special guest from Laika, Desiree who came to Singapore to give a talk at 3dsense on her journey from SG to working at Laika.

She is a fellow Singaporean who workes there as a graphic designer and It was a delight to hear her  journey how she got there.

She started off here from a Graphics program and went to the US to study Concept Art. While working on other stuff after graduation, she learned about laser cutting and with that knowledge she managed to get a job at got Laika doing the Sand papering faces and working a bunch of laser cutting machines.

Later transfered to a different department doing graphic design for magazines and posters in the film (The ones that the puppets hold).

3 Things I learned about her Journey

Love of craftsmanship

Filmmaking espicially stop motion is very hard and tedious. A passion for craftmanship is important. After a while things get boring and the dedication to learn the process and do the work is what gets things made.

Don’t expect to do what you study.

She did an exploration of doing concept art and design but ended up in graphic design at Laika. It was a long journey she took But everything you study adds up. If not for the training in Concept Art she would not know the basics and concepts to make the posters have a cohesive feel for the films.

What do you want to specialize in?

While at Laika doing the sand papering of the puppet faces, she realized that there are many jobs and routes available she decided to do Graphic Design for her next step it takes time to discover what you are good too.

Hope you are doing something cool on your journey while it’s cliche to say “Don’t give up”, things do take a while to get to your eventual destination.

Check out some of Laika Videos:


Listen to the Podcast on Anchor.

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