Animator Journey 7 – Ambition and Moving Forward

This post is part of the APG Design Casts. Listen to the episode here or on Anchor.

On Ambition

Going to share some thoughts of my journey to learning animation and some thoughts as a student learning animation.

Recently I managed to complete my Orc fighting a dummy animation. Although I felt I have improved, but there were still some things I am missing.

Still need to cut down on the ideas I presented as some were a little out of context. I was not able to link up the various attack sequences but it was not working as a cohesive piece. The jump attack lacked the required anticipation for it.

largely I felt there were more Issues on having little anticipation or poses not being strong or readable enough.

I would need to look through the reference on a second and thrid pass to find various nuances to body movement.

the other feedback was I am still a little too ambitious which may be due to lack of focus on sticking with much simpler ideas.

I think ambition is good but it is not too good to aim too low. There is a sweet spot where you can find the “Flow” of not too easy and not too difficult that it becomes a challenge without progress. That can only be discovered through trial and error.

Going forward.

Sometimes I am unsure myself if I have chosen the right path. I do like to animate. Perhaps its a normal emotion one feels when you are trying to do something new.

There has been some anxieties on finding a Job. Its been a while since I did paid work, since I am still in training. I do look forward to getting a job.

I hope to do something with Games and Tech. I am not sure how animation will fit in in the Tech part or maybe I might take an evolved role. I do want to learn AWS and Lumberyard down the road.

Plan ABZ

The best thing you can do is to have a Plan ABZ. This I read in the Startup of You. If things don’t work out will always go back to plan B. And if that doesn’t work it’s back to Plan Z. I do not know if doing animation would work out maybe I might need to do motion graphics or do UI animations and continue work on my character animation reels.

Nothing is a waste.

I do not think doing this training is a waste I felt I have more appreciation for seeing things in real life and referencing them in my animation.

I suspect that my INFJ personality sometimes get the better of me and it causes me to want to try new things.

I do believe that if one faces a bit of self doubt, it’s normal in a journey of change or doing something new. Nothing is ever so perfect. The best time to aim for perfection but realize it’s ok not meet them for now.

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