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AI Movie 2001

AI is coming or it is already here, if you are doing CG I doubt you will be spared from the disruption it brings.

Killing of old jobs

As a designer and animator I feel it already, that we will have to work with this new tech. Doing a Google Search you can see many articles about whether AI will take away jobs or create new ones.

Kia Fu Lee a CEO of an AI Ventures Company wrote an essay that tech companies cannot ignore AI will destroy jobs and they need to address the problem it is going to bring. Many jobs are in the process of being disrupted or have been disrupted.

AI at the VFX Creation Phase

There was a good webinar by Nvidia talking about how AI and Nvidia technology is used to help learn facial animation and recognising facial expressions. This will significantly reduce the needs to keyframe animation for realistic characters.

What is left if you are a creative?

AI can already identify the correct faces or automate parts of the animation process such as Facial Animation and Muscle Animations. What can a computer not do that humans can?

If you are doing CG, think back why I wanted to do it? I doubt if it was to be better at pushing pixels. I feel its about being able to communicate to another person through the medium. In other words making content that resonate.

I think there will be a resurgence in making characters more relatable and better focus on story. Since AI can’t create new things we would have to seek out new and creative stories to tell.

AI is not Inclusive

This is something that came up from John Maeda in an interview for what designers would need in an AI Dominated world.

AI will exclude groups of people due to bad past data it is being fed and we will need to manage it to learn better through new human interactions.

Making others feel inclusive through the media I create will hopefully make the viewer have an emotional connection.

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