Don’t get left behind – Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Directing on Set of Sky Captain

Not sure if anyone remembered Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. This was a 1950s inspired movie concept by Kevin Conrad and his brother. Looking at this movie it feels like this was the precursor to making movies fully digitally with Green/Blue Screen on a stage and re-creating the environment with your Computer. I remembered there were many attempts with the legendary ILM MAC Rebel unit making graphics for Star Wars.

Star Wars Epsiode 1-3 Filmming

Check out this making of from the DVD. Lots of what Star Wars and Avatar are doing was already pioneered in this movie.

The Conran brothers were invited to the Lucasfilm Ranch to discuss future filmmaking techniques but unfortunately the brothers could not capitalize on their success and were no longer a major player in the movie industry.

When Sky Captain was released it flopped in the Box office and that left a scar on them. They were offer some chance to develop a John Carter Movie but that failed and even an options to make Sky Captain into an anime which did not fall through.

If you can DIY a Project you need Marketing

I feel its not easy to make something with love and see it fail.I can see that after they brought about a new way to change production is made they could have capitalized on that expertise for a while before it went mainstream.

Maybe for the Conran brothers, since they can make a movie they just need to learn how to do marketing. If you can do it yourself you can try to sell it.

But after a while I think its good to try again.

AR VR and other Mediums

Perhaps the Conrans should venture into other new Mediums like VR or games. Or look at other ways to keep the world alive.

Should I make my own film today? Maybe or Not. I feel that some of these techniques can be incorporated into games. Which can Segue into VR or AR or XR. VR Video still would require Compositing and VFX techniques like 360 Degrees environment.

These days I feel its more important is to grow an audience around your brand. Make Good content. Build different revenue models or do a Digital Product studio consisting of Consulting, Services and Venture Launcing of Prodcuts.

Myself I am thinking about how to get the attention of viewers today it is harder, with social media and other distractsions. But who knows if you make something cool it can scale and reach the world.


Links: (Making of the Movie)

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