Themes for 2019

I wrote before about thinking your new year goals in themes. One of the things that themes allow me is not to have a fixed long term goal so I can pivot to change directions.

Brian Casel another blogger wrote about using themes for this year on the stuff or habits he wants to tackle.

But being so focused on future goals makes it hard, almost impossible, to stay in touch with the present.

This manifests in all the common ways:

  • We work too many hours
  • We accept work we don’t enjoy
  • We sacrifice our personal relationships
  • We sacrifice our health

For what?  A big pay day waiting in the distant future?

Here are some rough ideas that I have about some directions I hope to go into.

Focus and Deep work

I feel that even though I managed many things in 2018 I was still distracted. Shiny object syndrome.

I think it’s also time to just pick a medium and stick with it for a season. Depending on my work situation if I can get a job. I think it’s good to commit for a while to just honing the craft fo the medium.

Some ideas have came up around the medium for moving visuals.

• Game demo

• CG Animation

• Video

• Product (Digital)

Think Product not project

This came from Jake Parker and it’s something I am attempting to do. I have done projects in the past but they were mostly just skill building.

Consume less Create More

I think there is a time for everything and sometimes I feel the correct of social media might be taking me away from my deep work. Even trying to promote on Facebook pages or blogging takes time. I feel just to commit to one channel like this blog or a YouTube channel.

Anyway I will end off with this that one might need to prepare to pivot.

A word on goals

While I did say goals are bad but they can help in achieving your themes or long term visions. I feel that in the short term it is useful if you know what you want and is sort of attainable with your current skills or intentions.

You just need to know what success would look like fo you in your context.

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