Why you need a website in 2019

When I think about sharing my projects I always wondered if a Facebook Page is enough. Despite it being easier to publish videos, audio, and images and text on their platform, I can’t help feel the unease that it was better to do it over on my own site instead.

I keep seeing this recurring theme to build your own platform rather than leave it to the algorithms of closed walled internet gardens. Too much power and influence has gone to facebook recently and with privacy issues and lack of trust on the platform due to politicos and and other shallow click baity articles.

We are just sheeple for Mark Zuckerburg to monetize our attention and efforts.

Having started this blog I have learned some benefits of building a website for yourself

  • Learn about web development
  • Learn how to trouble shoot things on your own
  • put something out into the world

Was searching for new videos for Digital Sharecropping. There was an article written long ago.

Building your own brand on your own platform.

Even if Google SEO ranks me below the 1st page I still can be found.

Places to build your own platform

I guess a good recommendation is to start with WordPress but there are alternatives as long as you have control to put your own domain in and write blog posts

Here are some alternatives to WordPress.

  • Squarespace
  • Kajabi (for selling online courses but can be a full website)
  • Thinkific (similar to Kajabi)
  • WordPress.com
  • Artstation Pro
  • Wix

Bring your own Domain

If you plan to use your own host I currently use the following

Namecheap for domain hosting

Siteground for my WordPress site


Digital Sharecropping: The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Content Marketing Strategy





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