Chasing the Wrong Art Design Career

Above art by Simon Stålenhag. Sonic Hitting a roadblock.

Sometimes I wonder myself have I been chasing the wrong Art / Design Career. Or career in general.

I discovered the channel Lucid Pixul, while searching about quitting social media. The creator is Adam Duff.

One of the videos I found while browsing was are you in the wrong Art Career.

He starts off with a quote by Jordan Peterson on creativity how artist or creative vs industrial people think. Creative People are more risk takers than industrial type people which may be regimented or pre determined information. He ends off with trying to box Artist and Industrial types into a certain way and concludes that Artists wont succeed.

As he continues in his talk about whether are you suited for the Industrial art type model or more creative model.

In the industrial model it’s all about producing at a consistent way and a guaranteed process. Meaning art will get made in the bigger scheme of things. But these jobs are not meant for everyone, maybe only a small fraction.

The creative model may not be suited for the industrial model of creating art. It seem this is more about individual tastes.

I actually graduated from 2 Different Diploma programs one in concept design and the other in 3D Animation / VFX. But these are workflows in creating art for the Industrial Model. Sometimes I wonder if these jobs may go away due to automation or something else like globalization.

Maybe I need to embrace my own art and style and various interests. Adam duff talks about the Artistic mind is more diverse and less process driven and while it might not suit the industrial type model it allows more possibilities.

Do I fit the industrial art model?

If not fitting in perhaps I am not part of the 1-2% industrial artist models.

What then is the alternative?

Lost In the Wilderness?

Make your Art Work. Meaning we have to create a business around our art and find a way to market oneself. That does not mean I would have to go all into an industrial model.

Artist mindsets do have to embrace the industrial model eventually to sustain it but it might not be the starting point.

How do I find clients how do I build a business model around my own art? How do I market myself?


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