Skinkansen Hero Journey

I was in Fukuoka last year and I was going on a day trip to Hiroshima with my family. When we arrived at our stop I was handling the baggage’s and was accidentally blocked by a good push cart at the entrance. As the timining to get of the trains are very short (Shinkansen don’t delay they have to run on time) the door closed on me suddenly.

Next thing I was worried and wanted to panic. Since nobody around me could speak English. Thankfully I met the train conductor and he showed me a chart of train timings to get back to Hiroshima. And gave me directions to get to the correct platform.

I ended up at another station Fukuyama made my way to platform 2 and had to wait for the next train, but it was a nice short adventure for a while and I got to see the daily lives of Japanese going about in the small station. Some were chatting, eating and drinking or playing with their phones.

Soon the Shinkansen arrived and I got on the first carriage car and found a free seat. Anyway it was a short detour  that got me thinking about stories where characters go on an adventure.

This reminded me about the Hero’s Journey.

The hero journey

One thing that reminds me of the Hero’s Journey is the call to action poriton where the hero has to go on an adventure sometimes willining or unwillingly or by accident. This happens in magical animated films where a main character is thrown off the rails of the normal life they lived and go off to a differnt world.

It can be someting strange happening to them like being shrunk or meeting an outsider telling them of the dangers coming.

Mary And The Witch flower is one of those films that I watched on the way back in the plane which is an exmple of a character getting lost from the real world into a fantasy one.

Thinking about this experience wonders if I can make my own game experience or film about it.

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