Unreal Engine Learning – Character Setups 3rd Person

Started learning Unreal Engine and the Blueprint system. So far nothing much but it took me quite a while to understand how to get a character up and running. I was learning the Lumberyard engine earlier last year but I decided to take a look back at Unreal and Unity the 2 U’s of Game Development.

I used Epic games 3rd Person tutorial to do this and understand the system of the 3rd Person Template.

I started with creating a basic movement in the Default Mannequin character. They supplied quite a few assets to get you started to make a simple prototype. The only thing I could not do properly were the collisions and the punching of objects, which took me 2 days to figure it out.

It’s a long way to make a full game but so far Unreal has shown me how to get the results and there is no shortage of tutorials online.

I am impressed with the Blueprint systems and animation systems though it took me a few days to go from installing to getting this up and running.

Here is the Tutorial I used to understand the 3rd Person Blueprint:

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