Learning Code for the Web 3.0

Recently I have been re-looking at getting back to learning code. I kind of miss making websites and web apps. I felt that its been a while and want to learn about making things with code so that I can add additional skills for my Design and Animation.

Learning Blockchain

Right now Blockchain is all the rage. If you can learn and master this you can leverage it to make new types of applications.

For a beginner dip into blockchain I recommend looking at Block Geek Courses. They are pretty good at explaining the fundamentals of what this is for Web 3.0

To get coding that will be learning Javascript and the solidity language if you want to code on the ethereum blockchain.

I am still not so sure about eth but the courses on Blockgeeks can be a start in the journey.

Web 2.0 Era

this information below is for the current web which may be outdated but it will still be useful if you want to dip into some programming before jumping into blockchain programming.

In my past Uni and short time as a software developer. I learnt to use Linux PHP, MySQL and a bit of Java. This was during the flash hey-days where interactive showcases were the norm. Ruby was gaining traction and wordpress blogs exploded onto the scenes.

I used that stack coupled with HTML and CSS to make web pages mostly for intranet applications.

The Javascript Era

But things change as web standards emerged and platforms like facebook and Twitter became dominant. and more focus on usability in design rather than flashy showcases.

Right now it seems everything is being written in Javascript. Both the front end and backend. This was predicted by Jeff Atwood.

You have frameworks like Vue.js and React.Js for creating interfaces and Node.js to connect the backend. Similar to Apache.

There is even tools like Electron that allow javascript to be coded for desktop apps.

Now If i could do software development all again I will just go all into Javascript as a first Programming language.

Even wordpress is having some plans to rewrite parts of it in Javascript.

More Tutorials and help

Here is something I am going through when I searched on becoming a fullstack Web Developer. There are many online and coding bootcamps that can help beginners to get acquainted with various web programming languages. Some Free, some paid. – Free resource that delves into web development and how the interent works.

Freecode Camp (Free) – Lots of resources to become a full stack developer. Teaching the basics of HTML, CSS and Backend coding

Code Academy  (Paid) – This site teaches computer science courses and web development (LinkedIn Learning) – Paid training now part of linkedin very good intros to web dev.

Code Wars – CodeWarrior challenges to improve your coding skills.

Full Stack Python – For those that want to use Python as a backend.

As of now I am trying to go through the Odin Project to understand my basic Web Dev 101 and learning python (Which I feel is easier than C). I am looking at the end to make a small webapp demo.

Right now it feels like an easier time to get into web dev.

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