Moments of Life Product Review

I Started doing a short product review on the Moments of Life App, to see if I can design something new around it.

Note: This app was launched sometime in 2018 for parents with young babies. As a parent myself I thought I would take a look to see what this app had to offer. But some things may have changed at the time of writing.

Onboarding screens

I really like there is the option to not login using SingPass.

I like were the app asked appropriate questions. Limited to 4 Pages it was very quick to ask me my interest and needs. I did not do an EDD since it was N/A for me.

The app first impressions:

The app allows you to browse in a free look mode only the articles and events page which sounds more like information portal on the various policies and event info.

Having not login to SingPass you cannot access many features such as birth registration or applying for various schemes.

Some Comments from Users on App Store

  • Double Login of SingPass account.
  • Regsitration for Pre-schools
  • Medical Appointment Details not sufficient

Double Login of Singpass

Unfortunately you need to have SingPass to perform various functions.

Applying for the Baby Bonus brought you to a different page layout. It would be good if the UI of the forms are in sync with the App UI Layout and Design. It also required the user to re-login for the Baby Bonus application.

Medical Appointments

Medical Appointments. There was a comment from a user from the App store suggesting the Ability to book an appointment through your phone. I am not sure if this feature is available now, but it sounds useful as during the 1st year of new borns they need to go for vaccinations and other checkups.

It would be good if the information of the medical appointment were more detailed such as clinic location.

Registration for Pre-School

I did not explore this much as I had not need for it at the moment, but it looks useful to be able to locate and make an appointment to match your location to the Pre-School. A similar service is available for Pre-schools so maybe it can be extended to Primary school as well.

Overall the app is a good attempt to help Parents of new-borns with managing the brith registration process.

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