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A bit late to this and didn’t have time to watch the full press conference on Google’s announcement of stadia but this 15 min summary by Games from Scratch gives a quick rundown on the conference.

The main key point is Streaming is here to disrupt the traditional console business and hardware is going to be digitized into the cloud. Its an inevitable thing and Google may be in a good position to be the “Netflix of Gaming”.

Sony and Microsoft are already up to take on Google when they eventually roll out their streaming service. But there are some things which are not so good about streaming.

Stuff I don’t like

Data Usages:

I am not optimistic about the stream quality and the data usages on streaming a game this is due to current internet infrastructures. But hopefully the networks will improve overtime and with 5G coming, more mobile users can hop on into a game session easily.

Business Models for Indies

I wonder how an Indie Dev or a small team can participate in creating games for Google Stadia. How to monetize those games, what is the revenue share. These things were not answered in the presentation.

In this explanation type video from AskGameDev who seem to be neutral about the negatives, there is a potential for indies to work with Google Stadia through marketing help or to help with scaling resources for your game, but these were not mention and I am not sure who to contact.

There will be a land grab for the Streaming Games Pie coming soon and the bullets will be the games.

Stuff I like

List of things announced via Medium Article

  • Stadia provides immediate access to a gaming platform.
  • Games instantly on any screen: desktop, laptop, TV, tablet or phone .
  • No downloads / installations.
  • No updates / no patches.
  • Google integration: Click to Play, Crowd Play * and up to 4k of YouTube resolution.
  • Less Piracy for Game Creators.
  • Cheat prevention gameThe player will never have access to the game code because they will be staying on the Stadia server.
  • Content creators . Content creators in YouTube will be able to link to a session in game at a click of a button or like the Assassin creed demo a play button launches the game in browser.
  • New Markets. This new business model will generate a new race for the “golden age” of games.

I like that we can use our existing old hardware to connect to the Data Centers the only concern is this will not work consistently as it was shown in a controlled environment. But I am cautiously optimistic that Google would have figured how to send compressed video over from their servers to our screens in acceptable rates.

Game state sharing this is a very cool feauture which was shown. Something similar to YouTube sharing link at a specific time in your play session.

Instant Game Play no Installs. Moving from a trailer seen to the actual game is an impressive feat.  If a creator has a cool trailer that allows players to instally play it can help reduce friction instead of getting new users to download apps.

The Game Dev Portal of Stadia is rather light with a sign up form. Not much information for indie devs too.

A Zombie Stadia Game Idea

So far me am thinking that this can be an interesting game concept, would like to design a Zombie Game based on Hideo Kojima idea together with Dead Rising, where if you die in the game you have to log in with another account to “kill” your previous character.

Stadia Battle Arenas

Other game ideas would be a fantasy 4 Player Battle arena like game like the cancelled game breakaway.

It would be interesting to see if people would be able to just jump in for an Ad-Hoc game session on their train rides or other waiting times. Though I am not sure if shirt multiplayer games would be feasible.

Link to the full conference and another short 5 Min Summary.

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