New Mac Pro for the Pros

The new Mac Pro 🖥 was announced at WWDC 2019 and it certainly took Apple a long time six years since the 🗑 Trash Can design was introduced. Now we get a Cheese Grater.


I do love the Impressive front aesthetic even though some on social media are calling it a Cheese Grater.

Apple is defiantly back I wrote before about how Apple Mac may  get a reboot lost its edge in design. Spec wise its very impressive with the Xeon Processors. But now it seems they have listened and made a U-Turn for the Pros using Apple hardware.

However I am not excited about it, despite the impressive industrial design I still won’t be upgrading to it.

No Nvidia

As a person moving into more coding game development and other CG related stuff such at VFX. Most of the new rendering engines require CUDA from Nvidia to do the workload on their GPU. At the moment most PC equiped Nvidia systems support Rendering Software like Redshift and Octane. Apple has traditionally supported AMD Radeon GPU and a less closed system like CUDA.

But these may be changing as more developers are supporting Metal API. with this new hardware announcement some devlopers like Foundry, Autodesk and Blackmagic design are onboard.


Some of the folks at Greyscalegorilla created a post on the New mac. They are motion graphics CG creators and weighed in. They seem cautiously optimistic. The comments maany feel that its lacks Nvidia support for 3D Professionals.


Gaming Laptops and eGPUs

The other thing is the price the Specs are crazy. I think with the new Ryzen chips and gaming laptops you can get quite decent performance today especially if you are into gaming and CG creation.

Now some of the gaming Laptops can plug into External GPUs powered with Nvidia RTXs.

I think there are a few use cases for the Mac Pro which are if you are doing Intensive calucaltions on the CPU side it can support up to 28 Cores. Also if you are a video editor and work with new Apple ProRes RAW.

I still will continue to use my MacBook Pro right now, but its only used a lot only for one thing which is Sketch and some simple video editing on Final Cut.



Techcrunch Article on the New Mac Pro,39568.html (Hacker News)

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