E3 2019 Cool Games Trailers

This year watching e3 feels like there is a bit lack of excitement with Sony pulling out of the major press conferences. I can sense that the show format is changing with more going online to watch. Also there is a sense that streaming and subscriptions are the future. Every publisher wants to be a Netflix of gaming.

But I was deligted to find there are Cool Games and Cool Appearances from the various Press Conferences Shows.

Some cool games

From Software Elden Ring

The collaboration with George R.R Martin and From Software

Final Fantasy VII remake

Not just a HD remake but a reimagining of the gameplay and character designs. I feel like taking a trip back to when I first Place FFVII on the PS1/PC.

Zelda Breath of the wild 2

Cyberpunk 2077

Some new gameplay footage were shown but behind closed doors.


Jedi Fallen Order

I can say with all the issues plaguing the Star Wars games like SW Battlefront this one has resulted some faith in the Star Wars brand being a single action adventure.

The game is also set to be hard like Dark Souls.


Halo Infinite

Not much know but it looks like a reboot with the old Master Chief Armour.


Microsoft Flight Sim

A nice surprise from Microsoft to bring back the Flying Sims game. Its going to appear on Xbox One.

Some cool 😎 Appearances

Keanu Reeves

“Wake the Fuck Up Samurai!, We’ve got a City to burn” 

Got to be the best line in the trailer. Apparently Keanu’s character in Cyberpunk is some sort of illusion.

Keanu Reeves has a surprisingly important role in Cyberpunks greater story. He’s a hallucination, sort of.


Also He thinks games are Cool enough.




Ikumi Nakamura

Got to be the sweetest and best thing that happened at e3 Bethesda conference.

Ikumi has even collected some of the fanarts created after her delightful pose on stage.

Here was here previous Interview years ago on the Evil Within




That’s it for E3. It still amazes me that each year there are still surprises from this show even though E3 is changing.

One thing for sure is that gaming will want to connect users more with each other.




Gamespot e3 Trailer List:

IGN Best of E3:


Gaming going Subscription: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/features/e3-2019-future-gaming-monthly-fee/amp/

A long Discussion about XBOX trailers on Microsoft Community site:


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