Mouse Guard Movie

Update: Looks there there are some Fan Made trailers with music added to the original test trailers. Enjoy.

Mouse Guyard Concept Art by darekzabrocki

Looks like a really cool and interesting project that got Cancelled. Wes Ball the director posted to Youtube a Previs Reel. Most likely done in Unreal Engine. Weta was also involved in the Prep of the project.

Mouse Guard Movie what it could have been. had to relink as the original was taken down.

Got to be the coolest Realtime Trailer. I give it a 90% for the graphics quality its every good for a realtime graphics, I would not mind just reaching this level of realism. #previs #unrealengine. Seriously it could be a game of its own.

Unfortunately this project may have gotten shuttered during the Disney Fox Merger. Tone wise it was not going to fit the family friendly stories, more like a Aesop Grim Tales Fables kind of story.

I wonder if this project can be kick started through using tech like Blockchain where audience and creators have some stake in the project. Even if it gets released on the web.

“The trick with this one is we have to thread that needle with tone,” he explained. “I’m not interested in doing a DreamWorks or Pixar-type movie, I’m interested in doing something closer to Planet of the Apes where you’re really gonna nail characters and show the harsh reality of what they live in. It’s gonna be a little bit of both, probably, but at the same time because of the cost I need as big an audience as possible. So I want 10-year olds to see this as much as 40 and 50-year olds, you know? That’s the needle we have to thread, but for me personally… the way Star Wars appealed to me as a kid growing up hit that tone in a weird way. It appealed to the kid in everybody but still took itself seriously. That’s really exciting to me, that kind of film, that kind of target, but obviously set in this really harsh world of mice and swords.”


Vance Kovacs on Mouse Guard concept Art

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Mouse witcher ⚔ One of the very first concepts I did for MOUSE GUARD film. This project took us in total +12 months of constant concept phase overlapping with already in-progress world building. Around half of the time we spent on just pre-production and brainstorming with different concept ideas. At the beginning there was just me, @kenbarthelmey and Wes Ball the director of the movie. We had so much fun since the project was so free to interpreting that let us go crazy with world and look of it. Later the team grew tremendously and the whole production took a route that brought in a new level of animation, cgi and interaction between concept team and actual animators from Weta. Which was quite new to me since intensity and live interaction was obviously visible day by day. Honestly being on this project from the very beginning made me aware and pumped onto how important and inspiring is to create a new Vast world. For me it was the biggest, most elaborate and in depth full of freedom project I ever took part in. Sadly cancelled but hey whatever was done was golden and its gonna resonate through my works in upcoming weeks, months or even years? 朗朗朗 in total I was responsible for the world building, props and a lot of action scenes. Cant wait to just spit it all out here! Stay tuned for more  #art #artist #conceptartist #conceptart #design #mouseguard #art #artoftheday #artistoninstagram #2d #conceptart #conceptartist #cathedral #design #digitalart #artist #darekzabrocki #illustration #fantasyart #focalpointschool #painting #photoshop #scifiart #scifi #sciencefictionart #starwars #scifimovie #fox #movie #wacom

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Weekly Tip #8: FUNCTIONALITY AND BELIEVABILITY I went through a lot of important factors you have to take into consideration while creating successful concept artworks. Now it’s time to take a look a little bit deeper, into something that elevates your concept to the next level and makes your artwork something more than just art. In the production pipeline, while working on new environment designs and new worlds it’s not only about artistic brush strokes or beautiful colors/light. People tend to rely on it way too much (I used to do the same hehe) While I worked on the piece similar to the attached one I always plan ahead all the elements the location possibly could consist of. It was actually set extension to real life place so how do I make it fitting and functional to this specific project was all the design work behind that. What sort of props, functional elements(peer, lifting machines, bay for the boats, tree houses, watch towers, ladders etc) I could place and how to logically put them for the best believably depicted location. To support artistic and beautiful execution with something that actually matters to make the world iconic? What helps me the most is usually closing my eyes and imagining that place. If I were there. I immerse myself by doing that and it immediately brings more and more ideas to.make the design more interesting. The more I think, the more research I do, the more I am able to create a fully functional and believable environment design. I made loads (hundreds) of concepts for Mouse Guard film (sadly cancelled) directed by amazing dude Wes Ball. Based on epic comic book (@mouseguard) and it’s one of the examples showing what I’m talking about here. Also that in depth and more knowledge I will share during my online course later this year (more info soon). This I also teach at our @focalpointschool Find these tips helpful? Please share it with your art friends! #art #artoftheday #artistoninstagram #2d #conceptart #conceptartist #cathedral #design #tutorial #artist #darekzabrocki #illustration #fantasyart #focalpointschool #painting #photoshop #scifiart #scifi #sciencefictionart #starwars #scifimovie #fox #mouseguard #wacom

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Fan Made Trailer and Custom Soundtracks

This one sounds really cool like a real movie trailer

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