Korean Games

https://artstn.co/p/wQ6gg “Personal work” by snod snow

Sometimes when I feel like playing a MMO rpg or some wacky anime style game I turn to Korean gaming. One distinct attraction with Korea gaming is their gorgeous over the top art style, and fast 💨 action gameplay. I find it even more wacky than the Japanese anime style games.

The last Korean game I played was Lineage Mobile. And further back Pangya on the SEA servers.

Here are some games I came across from Korea.

Devcat Dragon Hound

Dragon Hound this one looks like a clone of monster Hunter

Project TL

Project TL or Lineage Eternal is an MMORPG by NCSoft with Action elements game similar to Diablo.

Lost Ark

A game by Smilegate. looks like a game wanting to be a prettier Diablo. Was suppose to revitalize the online gaming space back in 2014. The game is using Unreal Engine.




A mobile game by Nexon built on Unreal engine 4. Graphics wise it looks very beautiful for a mobile game. Unreal Engine has also come in tops to help with pushing its engine on mobile.


Some art styles I like

Hyung Tae Kim

Just google him and you will find character designs for fantasy style games.

One of the more prominent artist in Korea games. Have a tendency to draw his females with Large thighs.

He recently launched his new studio and a game announced. Project Eve.



I played this game back in university and now it seems to be ported to Mobile.

Gameplay wise they are simple and resuse a lot of 90s style type games. There is a lot of emphasis of Character designs to be appealing and detailed. I think its something asians like a lot. You can get quite a lot of good looking games on mobile these days instead of running a High End PC or Console game device.

Mobile they seem to have got the best in monetizing and running live free to play services. They were early pioneers in bringing the free to play format in Asia ahead of the west.

Right now it seems that games there are over saturated in the market.

lastly here is a video that summarized for some new MMOs for 2019

Nexon – Game giant announces 14 titles for annual G-Star exhibition

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