Thoughs of the Week

Thoughts of the Week #002

Social Media not good it’s expensive.

This is something I was thiking about when reassessing to reuse social media again. I wrote a short note that Social media is where the conversation is at and Blogs may need to be on it.

I contemplated again if I should just publish all my content on Instagram, Facebook or youtube Instead of hosting on a web blog. But I released that Social meida has a cost. It may not be financial but time investment to engage with the platform to keep your content going or adhering to the algorithm.

Social media is Like freemium it’s not free forever.

Social media is good

But yet there is some that have managed to build a business out of it and social media is their amplifier. It is the current best advertising platform if you are trying to sell something. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are the current platform for conversation with potential customers Good or Bad.

I do think somewhere in between you have to get on these social platforms but not engage too much with it.

I am reading Crushing It and update to Gary Vaynerchuck Crush It, to see whats new i this online digital world and how to better utilize it.

Focus on building a good business

Yet having a good social media presence is not good enough. There needs to be good business models and a product and service people want.

The social media strategy is just a method to scale up your marketing for now it’s the cheapest way to spread your brand and business.

I was contemplating running courses online or doing ecommerce shipping but it may be too short term for now. Plus it takes a lot of time. Perhaps its to move slowly as Howie Liu talked about how he took a long time to make Airtable business work, by slowly iterating and building the product.

I still want to make my own game IP someday coupled together with Tech and financial services. Making something people desire and are willing to pay for is hard.

Realtime the Future?

I wrote a blog post about Mouse Guard Movie Cancelled with links to concept art and videos. This looked like a neat project. I wonder if the director Wes Ball and his team are going to re-pitch it to Netflix. Weta Workshop was attached to the project for VFX.

What is impressive is the Visual for a Previs using UNREAL ENGINE. It was made by guys as Halon and Fox with a small crew. Already its am impressive feat.

Realtime has come a long way in helping CAD visuals be displayed faster,  I think games give a clue to what future consumers want and are going to expect immediate experiences. It can help iterate faster on the design process in crafting games or animations, thus shortening the time it takes to make a show.



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