Thoughs of the Week

William Desk #003 – Design Chris Do Advice, speed and competition

A weekly blog post on my thoughts and observations. I think another name like Friday thoughts might be better though I am not sure. For now it’s William desk writings

Advice for Designers

I can across a short Instagram video by Chris Do about the worst habits designer have from such as overthinking things and not listening more.

I think it applies to anyone doing creative work like animation or me being a UI Developer.

I have been following TheFutur a channel I discovered accidentally 2 years ago on YouTube, discussing topics on design and business made some controversy post in the past. Anyway it was some great question asked about designers.


Competition goes two ways

I was contemplating about making tutorials and a news portal or CG News site but that seems to be covered already.

There is a way to Look at competition one it validates an idea but it would mean if you are going to enter it it would need to be better or cheaper.


Speed and Effectiveness

Focus on speed which could mean better productivity and effective means, not how fast something is done. This applies too in choosing software.

Lately I have been trying to experiment with various game engines like Lumberyard, Unreal and trying out blender, Mari and other software.

But having tried all of them I find myself going back to familiar softwares like Maya, Unreal, 3dsmax. Due to it being better documented.

Sometimes the popular ones are popular for a reason. Large community, chances of finding someone with the same problem, similar domain knowledge documented. What ever the case one needs to try it out before making decisions.5

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