Thoughs of the Week

William Desk Thoughts #004

Don’t Quit social media

Though I think it’s better to moderate it I think with all the popularity or saying to quit social media it won’t happen because we humans value convenience. It’s just a trend for now.

The only time you should use social media is for promoting your brand or business (That includes yourself) or if you are a full internet marketer. Basically use it professionally.

I was recently reading Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuck and it has some great ideas on how to use the social media, to help individual get business through those channels. But beyond that if your work requires large amount of focus it’s best not to use it.

Focus – Quit social Media

I have done a couple of courses by Scott H young and to gain more focus you have to remove social media. This was based off Cal Newport’s book Deep Work. His whole pitch is if we want to create something of value in the knowledge economy we need to go Deep in our subject. I did some of the exercises in Top Performer and I can say it was beneficial to me personally and my professional life.

Cal Newport has written 2 books on the value of deep work and while he does not do social media he is already on it through various talk shows and podcast hosts.

I feel that there a need to be mindful on how we use social media. What we need to create of value in the new economy needs deep work but spreading the message through social media is incredible thanks to the reach it has.

Reading more books 📚

I find reading better just googling some article on a topic. It’s better to read something that was packaged than small drips of information from article blog posts. This was something I heard on a podcast that some of the books are better packaged than a blog post.

Systems Thinking

You can Listen to it here or on Overcast

Everything is connected. When we show up is the system ready? Every gen the system change, from cargo ship container to now eCommerce logistics.

Today the internet is a system of connection. The cost of production is so cheap not near zero.

Since everything is connect what is the relationship between each node?

Anthony Jones and Adam Duff

Listened to these two old dudes about art but most of the application can be applied even to programming espicailly Anthony Jones lecture about following and working hard on something different from Art. Which is to break down the core fundamentals of what the new thing

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