The 10% Startup Dad

I remembered a podcast from long ago called startup dad where it was exploring the startup life and running a small company and being a parent at the same time.

I was researching recently how to have a side hustle while having a full time job and being a parent. Something not easy.

This led me to a book 📖 titled The 10% Entrepreneur written Patrick McGinnis about doing Entrepreneurship 10% of your time, while keeping your day job.

I sometimes doubt that it doing it 10% can scale to the level of Elon Musk success but maybe you can be involved in maybe making a side project work.

Some links on runing a side hustle.

Reading though all those and thinking about it those that succeed are outliers and that is that Outliers. Not everyone will hit Gold and sometimes working in a Glass Cube maybe be more comforting that hustling all day.

I like this from the Rhyno Lab – Influencer Economy that interviewed Patrick McGinnis.

Doing Something meaningful by building a thing you can do with your time and talents.

Peter Drucker Definition of Entrepreneur
Making Opportunity out of change. Change is already here May industries will be changed through technology.

Episode Link:

There is Opportunity to do something meaningful while still keeping your life in check and not blowing up your bank account.

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