Animator vs Software Engineer

Chose this image from Battle Angel cause it was cool.

Previously I was thinking about whether I should work as a 3d Animator or Software engineer after graduating from 3dsense. I did some googling and found some interesting comments on this overwatch forum:

The discussion had some good points in the contract nature of the job being an animator or a coder

Coders are always in high demand – but NOT in the video game industry as much as in web. But you have the flexibility to switch between these and other options. Keep your skills current and if what is hot changes, so can you.

Animators mostly are going to be making TV commercials for dry cleaning products in China or something… and be super lucky to ever get a video game spot. You will also spend a LOT of your career filling in the ‘extra background stuff’ on movie projects that are in post-production.

Another Link from Y Combinator

This person posted he has left The CG business and went into web development. But he was impressed with the prices of the software has never been cheaper before. This leads to many entrants in the market.

Currently I am working as a UI developer and I did mention before in a post, where I live. not much animation jobs. One needs to take in account the context. I also looked at various job boards and it seem that coders are still in demand for now.

I chose to be a developer for a while based on what the market needs for now.

An Alternative.

However thanks to the internet I can find tutorials and references on learning animation. Even things like 2D Animation is possible with Open Toonz and Cacani. Check out this animation course I blogged before.

Unfortunately Animation is not a stable career and it was advised that one should not go into the Animation field as it can be highly competitive and you need a standout portfolio. You really need to be the best.

Being a software engineer may be boring but there is always a need for people to update and maintain software.

Maybe somehow someday I can combine my software developer and animation skills together. I see only place is maybe games? I wiould like to make my own indie animated shorts oneday. The software is here and talent is here just need the right ideas to try it out.

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