Thoughs of the Week

William Desk Thoughts #005

5 Universal Laws of Success

Currently I am reading through the book and listening to the audiobook have a read here. You read a summary on Bloomberg.

The cool thing is it was researched by a network scientist 👩‍🔬 so it may have some credible findings unlike other authors which claim you have to do the 10K practice run like pro athletes.

What will blizzard or Bad Robot outside of US look like?

I am not talking about current blizzard but rather Old Blizzard 🌨 that made their hits like WoW and Diablo 3. Maybe it was the creativity. There is something to be said about blizzard and Bad Robot 🤖. These are two entertainment companies that cans do both reboots (Bad Robot) and get players to make fan art / fiction of their characters (Blizzard)

Going forward I feel that media is at a converging point where everything can be made easily in real-time or cheaply. Tools are getting standardized and pro talent is not out of reach if you have some capital. The only thing left is attention.

But I wondering if a future entertainment company can make media or IP that is able to reached people and get them to create their own remixes out of it.

Slavic Mythology

I was reading articles recently there are some God that bear the same powers and traits of other mythological Gods. Perun was a Thunder God similar to Zeus and Thor.

Creating my Own Oasis

Came across this podcast with Blackmagic Design CEO Grant Petty how he journey from a video engineer to a CEO creating really cool products everyone can use.


I have used te Davinci Resolve Product (Free) Edition on a small weddinb video and I am still impress they give this powerful software for free. (Though you need decent hardware to run it). One thing about Blackmagic design is they are able to take these high end systems and make it affordable for the average designer or Junior Artist starting out.

I feel that it is hard to create something out of nothing and persistence is always needed with some borderline obsession for what you want to create.

Grant Petty: You know, when I grew up in a country town, the sky is huge, the area was flat, you’re out in the middle of a field or paddock or a desert. And that’s the way the world looks to I think someone who’s creative; there’s a blankness, there’s a non existence of anything. I mean if you’re trying to create something doesn’t exist, then there is nothing. It’s a blankness. You start with essentially a blank slate. You’re out in the desert by yourself and it’s barren out there and it’s desolate and isolated. So what you have to do is you have to essentially create something. You’ve got to create your own little oasis.

Grant Petty: To a certain degree. But in the first role, in the first go of it, I picked the wrong people. And the second go, I picked the right people because I knew more and I could able to. But you’ve got to get something that can function. I mean you’re literally out in the desert, you’re thirsty, you’re hungry, whatever. So you’ve gotta get, you’ve gotta assemble some people the way to function and then you add people. And so what you’re really doing is you’re creating your own oasis. It’s very different and the rules are different. It’s based on whatever the creative construct or the creative environment that you’re essentially doing. But it is a movement and it’s a construct of people and as you grow, that oasis gets bigger and bigger. But it’s sort of tenuous because it is based on creativity, your own barren ground, essentially the way to think about it. So the creativity is what holds it together and the creativity is what gives it value and gives it life.

Grant Petty: But our feeling or my feeling on that is that if you can download the software for free, it means you can actually get started and that’s the best expression of the motto of our company, which is empowering creativity. In fact, I’ve changed it to empowering creative freedom because there’s a thing happening in software and computing these days where it’s become a centralised thing again. I think the computer industry has forgotten about the spirit behind when they were setup. Personal computers were about distributing computing power to individual people. Now it’s become a centralization of your data and you’re the product, not the product you’re actually buying. So it’s flipped and now become the most draconian nightmare thing you could possibly imagine.

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